This is the first time I’ve had to work with the court system while producing a film.  I’m impressed with the number of research tools available online.  Accessing the Idaho Repository to keep track of four separate court cases is invaluable because they are constantly being continued or delayed.  Idaho Repository

I’ve learned all about the subtleties of Idaho’s rules on allowing cameras in the courtroom.  In particular, Canyon County court only allows one still and one video camera, and it’s based on a first come, first serve request system.  By agreeing to Idaho Rule 45 you stipulate to share your media with others who are not granted permission.

Schneider 4.10.17 This document is one of many I’ve had to have approved.  Every time a case it postponed or continued a new request must be submitted and approved by the judge.  This can take a long time.

I’ve learned that in both federal and state court all proceedings are audio taped and you can easily order digital copies (to download or buy on CD) for a relatively low cost.  This is an excellent resource for filmmakers who might not be able to attend each hearing or sentencing.

Federal courts do not allow cameras in the courtroom but the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system is an excellent resource for reading briefs and getting documents.  Pacer only charges accounts if you access more than a certain number of documents per month.  PACER

Here’s Schneider’s plea agreement for the federal hate crime charge, 18 USC 249.  It is very disturbing to read, “the defendant willfully caused bodily injury to S.N.” and “the defendant acted because of the actual or perceived sexual orientation of S.N.” Scheider’s Federal Plea of Guilty



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