I attended Anthony Saia’s two day podcasting workshop yesterday and today.  His introductory and advanced podcasting series was instructive, informative and interesting.  He did a great job covering the history of podcasting, writing and structuring stories for the ear, how to interview, as well as doing software demos and recommending tools and resources.  Below is just a portion of what he covered.

Audacity is a free audio mixing program that’s a great tool.

SoundCloud allows you to host two hours of content free and is a great source to host your podcast.

Marc Maron’s WTF, Ira Glass’ This American Life and Kevin Smith’s SModcast are good examples of podcasts to check out.  Other resources for creative commons rights and recording are listed below.

Marmoset Music curated for music licensing

Free Music Archive

Fiverr for finding freelance work at a discounted price for talent, logos, etc.

The Podcasting Legal Guide

Sound Cloud Podcasting Creator Guide

Reaper another mixing and recording software tool.

Skype Recorder for Windows

Piezo is a good recorder tool for Macs and allows you to select various sources to record (Skype, FaceTime, etc.)



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